Glass slippers

Ok, Cinderella is a bit out-dated, and possibly the least emancipated princess featured in a Disney movie. She more or less resigns from any protest against the unfair treatment she is given, and eventually needs a prince to escape from the whole situation. But, the ‘recognizable by the awesome shoes’ principle is one that we at CTG obviously support. Shoes are just that important. And having 20 …

Annouk Post – Ontdekkingsreis naar een duurzame wereld

Annouk Post Ontdekkingsreis naar een duurzame wereld

Wij waren bij de presentatie van Annouk Posts designboek ‘Ontdekkingsreis naar een duurzame wereld’. Een boek over de nieuwe luxe. Een luxe waarbij je bewuste duurzame keuzes maakt vanuit je hart. Spread the word!

True Fashion Show: Yes, We’ll be an agent for change!

True Fashion Show

Donderdagavond waren we in Pakhuis de Zwijger te gast bij de True Fashion Show. And what a show it was! Change-agents Charlie + Mary hebben in samenwerking met THE VIEW CONCEPTS en fotografe Laila Cohen een enorm inspirerend event neergezet! Meer weten over deze speciale avond? Lees snel verder!

The Mad Rush: Pop-up Store in de Kalverstraat!

Exciting news: The Clean Clothes Campaign and Mama Cash will start a pop-up store in de Kalverstraat in Amsterdam tomorrow, to let you experience what the true price of your clothes is if you wouldn’t pay attention to sustainability. See you there? The pop-up store is part of a series of activities, initiated by the two organizations mentioned above, titled “Women Power Fashion”. These activities provide you with …


True Fashion Show

Donderdag 12.05.2016 organiseren change-agents Charlie + Mary de True Fashion Show in Pakhuis De Zwijger. Het evenement zet duurzame mode in de spotlights en bestaat uit een modeshow, een foto-expositie en een talkshow. En daarna dansen! Wij zijn erbij! En het lijkt ons heel leuk je daar te zien. Dus lees snel verder en bestel een ticket. Het belooft een memorabele avond te worden.

ZAZU Amsterdam| You can make it happen!

ZAZU featured image

A new conscious fashion label with a beautiful story has arrived. And you can help realize the production of their first collection! ZAZU Amsterdam started a crowdfunding campaign on One Planet Crowd to finance her first collection of handmade knitwear, using eco friendly alpaca and merino wool. In exchange for a contribution, you receive a ZAZU item with 20% discount! In this post we tell you all about this new label, and of course we show you some of the highlights in the collection.

New sustainable webshop: Sophie Stone

Since last week, there is a new sustainable webshop available to Dutch consumers: Anna Sophie, the driving force behind this initiative, organized a pop-up store in Amsterdam this weekend, and we were there to inspect the collection. Our judgement: very satisfactory!

Think Spring! Wishlist S/S 2016

Unsplash Blossom

Spring is near! This is the moment to create your wishlist for the new season. And here’s some inspiration from us to kickstart the process 🙂 15 Sustainable highlights. 15 Items with a ♥ for people and planet. And… Don’t forget to sleep on it before you buy 😉 Buy less, choose well. Have fun!

Wolf and Storm – Fair, vegan & sustainable shopping

Wolf and Storm logo

In this post we introduce you to Wolf & Storm. A vegan, fair and ecofriendly webshop. Marlieke Broekmeulen, founder of Wolf & Storm, talks about her motivation for launching Wolf & Storm and we show you a few highlights from the collection. And last but not least… We’re organizing a GIVEAWAY 🙂

Shopping smart

Ok, sure, we know what we should do. Choose for fashionable looks which are not accompanied by human or animal suffering or environmental damage. We want them in our wardrobe now, pretty please. Yet, shopping endlessly isn’t really what we’re looking for either: that’s rather unsustainable, because do you actually use all these new items? Plus, it’s rather costly… Therefore we’ve made ‘smart shopping’ the focus of this outfitpost: affordable, and yet sustainable. The golden image, of a shopping cart, hopefully speaks for itself.

5 highlights of MINT fair

MINT fair januari 2016

Last weekend, the tenth (!) edition of MINT took place, and we were lucky enough to be there! MINT is a Dutch sustainable fashion fair, which connects sustainable clothing brands to stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Scandinavia. If it weren’t for MINT, consumers in these countries aiming for sustainable purchases would have a lot less to choose from! Check out our top 5 of unique finds for the new season!

Meet Marieke Eyskoot: change agent and first class fashionista

This is Marieke Eyskoot (photo by Justine Leenarts). She worked for the Dutch team of the NGO ‘Clean Clothes Campaign’ for 8 years, she wrote a book called Talking Dress, a guide for consumers through the world of sustainable fashion, she developed a free app, also oriented towards consumers, who can use it to quickly find fair stores in their neighborhood, and she is a co-founder of the Dutch sustainable fashion fair, MINT, which connects sustainable clothing brands to stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Scandinavia. On the 25th of January, MINT will celebrate its tenth anniversary. In addition, this year, Marieke is included in the Dutch Trouw Duurzame Top 100, which celebrates 100 Dutch individuals who fight for sustainability, for the fourth time.

Swan dive

A swan is perhaps the most obvious personification of beauty. Graceful movement, and the purity of its white feathers. It is this type of beauty that fashion brands generally love to exhibit in commersials and shop windows. Consumers need to believe that the story behind the collection is ‘real’: everything the consumer sees and knows about the brand must support this concept of beauty and …

Sustainable denim, with a ❤️ for people & planet!

Mud Jeans en Miss Green

Na alle feestjes in december vind ik het stiekem best fijn om weer in een spijkerbroek te stappen. En ik ben niet de enige. Denim is booming business en dat heeft helaas grote nadelige gevolgen voor mens en milieu. Maar er is hoop! In deze blogpost belichten we vier denim merken met een hart voor people & planet. Catch the Glow!

One year of sustainable fashion, the highlights!

Duurzame mode

Er is bijna een jaar voorbij sinds Barbara en ik het idee voor Catching the Glow bedachten. En het zijn de laatste dagen van 2015. Een mooi moment om terug te kijken. Het was een jaar vol nieuwe kennis, inspiratie, verbazing, verwondering, bewondering en plezier. En ook een jaar waarin we hebben geprobeerd zo bewust en duurzaam mogelijk te winkelen. In deze laatste blogpost van 2015 delen we de highlights van een jaar duurzame mode.

We wish you a fairy Christmas!

With Christmas around the corner, we want to thank all our readers (yes, that’s you!) for the amazing start of our blog the past few months. We feel honored and inspired by your enthusiasm, the encouraging conversations we’ve had, the messages you left under our blogposts, and the many likes on Facebook and Instagram! So, for Christmas, we would like to give you some inspiration in return.

Sustainable shopping in Amsterdam, the fabulous 5!

MHOOM, sustainable shoppen, Amsterdam

Benieuwd waar je terecht kunt voor eerlijke kleding en lifestyle producten in onze hoofdstad? Check onze fabulous five en laat je verrassen! Duurzaam winkelen in Amsterdam!

Outfitpost| Ratna Ho

This week’s outfit post is about child labor. And about a brand that is 100% not guilty! Ratna Ho produces all of its products in The Netherlands. Read all about it!